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Learn about design, product management, and customer research in the InfoSec industry as well as what we’re up to as an agency. Welcome to the blog.


Ever been in a house so nice, you’d like to settle down there for a month...or more? A well-designed product is like that. It’s appealing. It’s functional as heck. And it makes you want to linger for a long time. From UI to UX to teardowns, here are our hard-earned tips on creating this experience.

Product Management

Imagine a conductor. You know, the person waving a wand in front of an orchestra. They communicate a vision for a complex piece of music, set the tempo, and bring out the best in a diverse group of musicians. Great product managers are like conductors — they steer complex projects, set production pace, and encourage diverse talents. Here’s what you need to know to do all that in your project and direct your incredible app.

Customer Research

You don’t build hit products in a vacuum. You build them in context. In the soil of what your specific customers want, need, hope, and fear. Here are the tools you need to unearth those factors. Don’t be shocked if you actually enjoy customer conversations after these reads.

Krit Culture

We’re a transparent company. That means we share our structure, earnings, mistakes, and other nitty-gritty details. Here’s what it’s like to work at or with Krit.