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WFH meeting-themed goodies                   

Ping. These days, I’m having a lot of video calls—with work, friends, work-friends, and family. 👋

Some of these calls are great.

Some are...well, let’s say I conveniently lose internet connection.

You may be in a similar boat.

So today, we have two meeting-themed goodies for you:

Because we gotta work off those Pop-Tarts somehow, amiright?

Let’s get started.

How to host the absolute worst video meeting ever 💩

Tired of calendar invites? Want to make sure you never get invited to another Zoom meeting?

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Send a meeting invite to the entire team. And anyone you haven’t emailed lately. Oh, and Kevin. Man, you miss that guy.
  2. Don’t ask if everyone is available at 4:30 pm on Friday—assume they are.
  3. Title the meeting “Meeting.” Omit any indication for why the meeting exists.
  4. Avoid an agenda. Clarity is your enemy.
  5. Include a Google hangouts link and a Zoom link. Then use Skype.
  6. Add the Skype link 2 minutes after the meeting is supposed to start. Don’t update guests.
  7. Find the absolute worst internet connection in your house. Consider using your phone hotspot for the video connection.
  8. Be five minutes late. Preferably more.
  9. Join the meeting and noisily find your headphones. Proceed to “fix audio” for five minutes.
  10. Ask the first person you see to remind you why you set up the meeting.
  11. Ask the next person you see to lead the meeting.
  12. Ask the third person you see to take meaningless notes.
  13. Stay unmuted while persons 1-3 fumble. Start a conversation with anyone in your home. House plants and pets are viable options.
  14. Wander around the room. Make at least two participants motion sick.
  15. Propose a topic completely unrelated to the next 14 workdays.
  16. Turn off video, wait one minute, and flush the nearest toilet. Savor the awkward silence.
  17. Resume video with your best poker face. Wait silently for conversation to resume.
  18. Interrupt resumed conversation.
  19. Suggest reconvening next week when you don’t have a hard stop. Re-send invite for 4:30pm next Friday.
  20. Promptly leave meeting.

Now, enjoy your well-earned break from meetings. Until Kevin starts missing you. 😉

Want to host an incredible meeting instead? 💬

In this Twilight Zone-esque Spring where days lose all meaning, running a great video call is one easy way to love your co-workers, employees, or clients. ❤️

To host a great meeting, do the opposite of everything you just read. Literally. Keep work meetings small, assign an informative meeting title, send out a detailed schedule, select a productive day and time, use one meeting link, be early, get the idea. 😁

WFH video call BINGO

In the meantime, if you’re struggling to tune into calls other people organize, this BINGO game will keep you dialed-in.

As a bonus, we’ve suggested bodyweight workout moves on each square. To pull together an at-home workout without scrolling YouTube, simply mark off squares as you go, and then string together the workout exercises at the end.

Who says productivity has gone downhill??

Oh, and one more thing...

Please be patient with pets, kids, and partners making noise in calls these days. We’re all figuring out how to stay home, work, and keep (most of) our sanity. Chances are, it’s a minor miracle the other person joined at all. 🙌