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The Checklist                  

Last August I packed my bags for Charleston, drove 8 hours to a wedding, checked into the hotel, and realized (at midnight) I forgot all my toiletries. 😬

Not just a toothbrush. That’s easy enough to replace at the front desk. 💁

No, I also forgot my contact case, contact solution...and everything else crammed into a bag sitting on my bathroom counter in TN. 😑 If you travel, I bet you’ve made a similar mistake. Sometimes it’s no big deal. Other times, well, you’re losing sleep and wondering what you can use as a contact case at 1 am when CVS is closed.

That’s why I love the checklist. It’s a simple tool, but it can make adventures ranging from weekend trips to your first app launch way more enjoyable. 😊

The best launches aren’t memorable... 🚀

...because they go so smoothly. Like an airplane ride without bumpy takeoffs, nauseous landings, or turbulence, you get from A to B as planned and carry on with your trip. ✈️

How do checklists relate? They encourage un-memorable, successful launches by:

Which is why healthcare, construction, and aviation industries, where small mistakes can have catastrophic consequences, all depend on them. 📝

The Krit checklist for launching your app ✅

Thinking it’d be nice to have a checklist for your app launch?

You can grab a copy of our launch checklist by clicking the link below and selecting ‘File > Make a copy.’ I recommend adding it to your own Google Drive first, so you can modify and make it your own.

Once you’re ready to use it, take the pieces you like and pull them into whichever project management tool you’re using. For us, nothing on this list will get done if it isn’t in Trello. 😁

Get the checklist 🚀

By the way, if the language in the technical section feels foreign, you may find our technical primer for non-technical founders handy.

Remember, software is a continuous thing ➡️

We don’t believe in those massive, planned-for-a-year launches. The most successful products we’ve ever seen started small, for a specific group of people, and continually improved with customer feedback from there. 💥

That’s the approach we advocate to clients, and that’s what this checklist is designed for too. It’s not all-encompassing; every app is unique. But it does cover some key milestones you need to hit. 📍

Use it as a starting point for your next product launch. Or, if you’ve already launched a product, tell us what you’d add to the list! 😁

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