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Laura Bosco

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Testing your idea is mission critical 🔬

Most entrepreneurs think their idea is gold, yet most startups fail. This tells us founders aren't great at evaluating their own ideasIdea validation is the primary way you can determine whether your big idea solves a real problem in a desirable way. Your idea is good if it does both of these, bad if it does neither, and lacking if it only does one. It's a more reliable approach than asking your Mom for her opinion and it can save you thousands of dollars.  

Seem simple? It's harder than it sounds. Trust me. 

The shortlist of effective tests 📝

There are lots of ways to test your idea but only a handful of tests are effective. Which test you choose depends on the market you're targeting, how much money you have, how much time you can spend, who you'll take your findings to, and the questions you're trying to answer. The one thing we recommend, regardless of those factors, is starting with customer research.

How do you know if you're on the right path? To pursue any of the serious options above, you'll define a problem, solution, target audience, and pricing strategy. If you're testing and thinking through those, you're moving in a good direction. 👍 

What if I find out my idea is 💩?

Congrats! You just saved yourself thousands of dollars and countless hours. It may feel like defeat, but it's a big victory. You know what direction to avoid and you probably know quite a bit about a target market. You're in a great spot to find your next Big Idea and there's some good advice out there on how to do that:

These share similar ingredients: a willingness to listen 👂 and pay attention 👀, the ability to identify obvious problems, and a field or market you understand.

p.s. Have an idea you're excited about, but not sure how to validate it? Take our 30-daystartup challenge! ✅            

" open to adjusting your idea, because most good ideas evolve ."

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