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Laura Bosco

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A while ago, Brennan Dunn challenged Andrew to document Krit's standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Why bother? (👈🏻 This might've been our reaction, too.)

Turns out, SOPs help:

When Brennan put it like that, creating SOPs seemed like a no-brainer.

Since then, we've been intermittently documenting and collecting the various ways we do things at Krit. We call this collection of "how we do stuff" documents the Krit playbook.

Here's a sneak peek at one of the pages from that playbook.

Quick guide to the content below

Our playbook currently has 9 sections including Hiring, Sales, Project, Clients, and more. The excerpt you'll read in a minute is from the Content Marketing section of the playbook.

Here's what the Content Marketing section looks like as a whole (a grayed-out section means "not started yet"):                               

We're sharing the "Managing blog content ideas" page below, which is about brainstorming and choosing a topic for the blog. It covers the gap between "here's how to think about content strategy" and "here's how to outline and write a post." And it exists to streamline finding and prioritizing ideas each quarter.

We start every page in the playbook with a tl;dr style overview, and the overview for this one is:

So, that's what you're getting into today. Enjoy. 🙂

Excerpt: Managing blog content ideas

Brainstorming content ideas

Contrary to popular beliefs, great content ideas rarely fall like ripe apples from a tree. They take a bit more work than that. When you need to scavenge an idea, there are three great places to look: our customers, our team, and our audience/community.

1. Customers —The best place to find blog ideas is our customers:

Addressing any of these bullet points is usually worthwhile.

2. Our team — A great secondary source of ideas is our own team:

3. Audience/Community — A third place to look for ideas is our audience and community:

Choosing a specific idea to write about

Thanks to the sources above, we usually have a backlog of blog post ideas in Slack, airtable, or our heads. This means coming up with a topic is less of a challenge than choosing one that makes sense for our audience and strategy.

Generally speaking, we want to prioritize topics that:

Use the flowchart below to evaluate the topic you're considering:

If your topic passes the flow chart, make sure you can also answer these four "why?" questions before you write about it. (Bonus: these questions will help you start or clarify your outline!)



If your idea passes the flowchart and you can clearly and confidently answer each of these questions, you've likely got an excellent starting point, and it's time to start working on it.

Questions about generating & selecting content ideas? Ping: Laura Bosco

Last updated January 27th, 2021.


And that's it. That's our quick quide and standard process for coming up with and prioritizing ideas. From there, team members can hop into the "Writing a blog post" process, which covers these items:


How's this going overall, and what does the team think of it? We're covering that in another post soon. 😉

In the meantime, if you want to see other snippets from our playbook, let us know which snippets over on Twitter, over at @builtbykrit.

Update: We've now also published we turn topics into drafts, how to edit first drafts, and what you should know if you're creating your own playbook. 🎉

Laura Bosco is a writer and people person. She helps tech startups do tricky things, like explain who they are and what they're doing. Ping her on Twitter to say hi.