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Designing and building a product in the cybersecurity field comes with a unique set of challenges.

You're dealing with a lot of complex data

Cybersecurity products are almost all built on top of complex networking data and LOTS of it. You aren't just trying to build an intuitive product, you're trying to wrangle complex jargon and distill lots of information into an actionable interface.

You need to get the attention of decision makers at big enterprises

In cybersecurity, big enterprises are where the bulk of the challenges are. So most security companies are serving the same group of Fortune 500 companies (or even government agencies).

This decision makers who choose whether or not to buy and implement your product have a lot on their plate (security concerns, an overworked staff, competing stakeholders) and not a lot of time to deal with it all. Making their lives easier isn't easy, but if you can pull it off you can unlock new levels of growth.

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