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We help infosec teams craft data-rich interfaces that bring value to customers and bottom lines. We offer product design, UX auditing, website design, and more.

A screenshot of the dashboard for Scope Security.

Our most popular services

Below is a list of our most popular services, but keep in mind this isn’t a complete list. If you see an offering that’s close to, but not exactly, what you need, please book a call further down the page. We’d love to talk with you.

Product strategy and customer research services

Design audit

Best for: Teams with an existing product

Pricing: $10,000 - $15,000

If you have a product but its design is holding you back, we recommend starting with a design audit. We’ll interview your customers, analyze your current product for UX improvements (what are the main points of friction?), look over your existing code, and provide a detailed project plan for moving forward.

Product Roadmap

Best for: Teams with an API or prototype

Pricing: $10,000 - $15,000

If you have an API or prototype and aren’t sure what or how to build your next step, we recommend starting with a product roadmap. We’ll interview potential or existing customers, provide a detailed project plan with user stories, and provide multiple options for building your next step.

Customer research

Best for: Teams exploring a product idea

Pricing: Included in Design Audits and Product Roadmaps

Let us interview your customers and identify meaningful takeaways for you. We’ll set up and run interviews with either existing customers or your target customers. Then, we’ll give you access to raw transcripts as well as send you a report on key themes and actionable insights (i.e. we’ll outline how the stuff interviewees said translate to product opportunities for you).

Product design services


Best for: Teams with a prototype or incomplete product

Pricing: $10,000 - $15,000

We regularly craft color palettes, logos, and aesthetics for our clients. Whether you want to fit into a niche, stand out from a crowded marketplace, or a bit of both, we can do that.

A slide that shows logos on a light blue and dark blue background for the company Rumble.

UI/UX Design

Best for: Teams who know their design is holding them back

Pricing: $50,000 - $85,000

Receive an interactive Figma prototype you can explore and comment on in real-time, plus a design system, and access to all raw design files. Our design process is highly collaborative and based on your business, product, and customer goals.

A screen shot of the Grey Noise user interface.
Andrew Morris

“The very first mockup Austin showed me was the exact thing we went with...I was like, ‘WHOOAA, THAT’S IT!!’”

Andrew Morris

CEO of GreyNoise

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Andrew Morris

Andrew Morris

CEO of GreyNoise

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“The very first mockup Austin showed me was the exact thing we went with...I was like, ‘WHOOAA, THAT’S IT!!’”

Website design services

Showcase your product’s value in a clear, compelling way. Use our expertise in conveying technical information to build an online experience tailored for your customers. Best for teams who have an existing product and need help building a website to promote it.

Product development

UI Sandbox

Best for: Teams who want to build out a product themselves

Pricing: $10,000 - $20,000

A Sandbox is a bit like an outline for an app. Meaning, we build all of the components, but it's up to your team to create the actual pages and hook everything up. So, a sandbox is best for clients who have UI engineers on their team and want some help speeding up work.

A screenshot of the user interface sandbox for Grey Noise.

Front-end development

Best for: Teams who want to manage the backend while we build out designs

Pricing: $50,000 - $100,000

Our team handles full implementation of designs. Your team handles the backend APIs. This option is best for teams with capable backend developers who want support implementing designs on the frontend.

A screenshot of the Sentinel dashboard using a darkmode theme.

Full-stack development

Best for: Teams who want us to manage the entire product build

Pricing: $100,000+

When you hire us for full-stack development, we handle design implementation and backend APIs. In most cases, this option is best for teams with limited backend resources or for those who need additional support.

Mobile app development

Best for: Teams with customers on the move

Pricing: $100,000+

If your customers are regularly on the move, or if their businesses need native mobile features like location data and camera, a mobile app may be a good fit.

Ongoing support

Best for: Teams who want help supporting or iterating on their product

Pricing: Starts at $12,000 per month

We offer ongoing retainers for select clients. Retainers are a good fit for teams who want help supporting or iterating on their product. Retainer services include design and development and are customized to each client.

From there, the exact path you take depends on which service(s) you need. Check out our work to see how we’ve helped design and build recent infosec products.

First steps: what getting started with us looks like

In most instances, here’s what getting to know and work with Krit looks like.

  1. Initial call: Chat with our CEO, Andrew. Talk through your ideas, concerns, and any burning questions. If we’re a fit, he’ll tell you. If we’re not a fit, he’ll tell you that, too.
  2. Demo: See and explore a live example of the kind of work we do.
  3. Product Strategy: Depending on your needs, we’ll either perform a design audit or prepare a product roadmap. Both offerings include customer research, strategy, and a detailed project plan.
  4. Contract: Sign one of our founder-friendly contracts that ensures you own all IP.
  5. Kickoff: Meet the team, review the project plan, and get set up with all the tools you need.

Meet your product A-team: what working with us looks like

We don’t have a B-team. Working with us means receiving:

  • A “unicorn” skill set: Our team’s combined skill sets cover all the gaps and bases: product planning, strategy, customer research, UX design, and technical know-how.
  • Technical designers: We understand complex, data-heavy projects. And we know how to create great experiences for you and the customer, too.
  • A reliable tech stack: Our tech stack sets you up for short and long term success. We specifically choose tools that are fast, lightweight, and easy to customize.
  • A founder-friendly contract: Own all IP and partner with us month-to-month; no tricky legalese or weird ownership clauses. Because no one likes feeling trapped.
  • 100% transparency: Never guess how the project is going, what happens next, or how you can stay involved. Our pricing, process, and progress are 100% transparent.
  • Lean management: Every person on our calls is an expert. When you meet with our team, you’ll chat with just the people you need — no expensive, 12-person mega-calls here.
  • Entrepreneurial swagger: One reason clients choose us is we respectfully ask “why?” and proactively voice concerns. We dialogue with our clients and push back on ideas that, in our experience, could create unhealthy friction for teams and customers.
Chris Gathright

"We've had the best possible experience we could have hoped for."

Chris Gathright

CTO at SentinelIPS

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Chris Gathright

CTO at SentinelIPS

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"We've had the best possible experience we could have hoped for."

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Snag a time on Andrew’s calendar to talk about your product and how Krit can help you move it forward. If we're not a good fit, we're happy to refer you to someone who is.